Friday, November 12, 2010

Work profile of John Modra

Like to see more of some work I have been involved in
Still active

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thank you very very much

Thanks to those at the Colac office for a new guitar with twang and wow. Something I have never owned, thanks . I have had a pickup for the accoustics and a steel string, but never the great metal kind. Some of the "bad company" i have kept over the years has caused me lose both of the former , so this great gift will give me much enjoyment.
As for "my retirement"-(the idea of slowing down doesn't appeal to me, so its a new phase of following my passions,,, one of which will remain -sustainability science and practice.)

Thank you very much -you are very kind. The gift will cause me to remember you with fondness and appreciation, often.
My apologies for being a pain around the office, from time to time. It's not something you want to do , but like Fluffy in "Happy feet" the desire to dance well is my driver . I hate seeing the waste in my professional area. The noise about it , I sometimes forget, can be intrusive to those of you who are busy playing on more solid ice- you hope ! Now someone else will get an earful
For those of you who still wonder at what I was doing, or not doing, you can find out a bit about it at > The site started around 2000 as a way of providing a more effective form of resistance to growing political ignorance, tokenism and quick fix on the environment. Farmers call it citycentricity , we call it nimbyism and several other terms not ere published.

What we published then was a series of CD's and videos - some of which you recieved yesterday .see more here If you are still wondering what the cards meant you best dial up this site .
Bookmark some sites and join in with your thoughts and questions - everyone has good questions!
Am now looking forward to being able to work more closely also with friends working overseas and on the promotion of more profound delivery methods on development and protection for rural communities and soil and water resources. In between times , I expect to continue working a few days a week work supervising creative projects here . Do drop in and checkout our big boys shed. Its fun fixing things like old furniture , tools and trying to engineer masterpieces

Monday, November 13, 2006

A more favourable Impression

was created by those who dressed up for lunch at the office .

Self inflicted injuries on Raceday

Officials are worried that some very young people are going to Flemington to hurt themselves. Wildman was there and guess what! youth is wasted ..... Herald Sun 8thGA

Friday, June 09, 2006

Snakes alive- its only the baby of the family

Wildlife officers have more fun, but it has its down side - like confronting the owner of this python . Not sure who got to handle mummy but jock was nearly mummified trying to get a closer view of babyface.
the bin in 2foot wide and the head is bigger than your wrist .
Where is its prefered bioregion? Burma ( where it came from) or maybe a nice warm bed in Colac where they were both found and confiscated.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Plant and Insect identification

If you aren't using google image and our species lists ---you need to start . the image files are growing very fast enabling multiple views to help clarify your hunches..insects list see is also growing .

One day soon we will have 3D images of ecosystem components and geoffs,brian, kens daves plant collections will be obsolete or resurrected in image form . And key measures will identify everything, except the cause of 'the problem" .Toochee
Meanwhile our plant collections have finally found their way back to the library and keys are availble there for those who want to both add to the excel datebase or just get started on the chase . More on

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Autumn events and ISSUES

APRIL bats 52316913 john rees frogs 52316913 even soils in July Anything you are concerned about? Recent news on BIG MOTHS now , WEED issues

Seen a few exhausted persons about? Murray to Moyne last weekend

The crew looked pleased with themselves and rested . Maybe the riders did "earn every last cent !"apparently the wind was enough to get you off and walking . s

Well done Ken and Bronwyn

Yes DPI won , but we are not sure it was a giveaway . maybe BW and SRW might like to join us next time?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bowl over the CMA on Tuesday 28th

Just a friendly Tif Contact Bronwen 335549 DPI VS CMA on Tuesday week --5;30 -7:30 -If you like to get into the swing of things . Not sure which group most prefer the speed sports at the Central Bowling Club.